Retro: Sinclair ZX Spectrum – Interface 1bis: Firmware-Update

Interface 1bis
Interface 1bis

Schon gibt es wieder was Neues in Bezug auf das Interface 1bis: ein Firmware-Update!

Da anscheinend Joysticks, die an den Joystick-Port (Kempston) angeschlossen sind, bei einigen Spielen etwas zu träge reagiert haben hat Dan Antohi schnell reagiert.

Hier sein Schreiben aus dem WOS-Forum:
1. The firmware was corrected by adding two code lines:

BRA STA_LT ; Start timer 0

replaced with:

BTFSC MSE_ST,MS_ENB ; Mouse enabled?
BRA STA_LT ; Yes! Start timer 0
BRA TIM_50 ; Set time-out to 50ms

which sets the sampling rate for the Kempston joystick at a fixed 20 Hz, as there is no benefit in having a lower one. That’s how it should have been from the beginning. Thank you for bringing it up.

To update the interface’s firmware:
– download the IF1BISFW.HEX firmware object file to the server’s c:\tmp directory
– Stop the ’server applet‘
– Switch off the ZX Spectrum
– Connect a joystick to the interface’s port
– Connect the interface to a USB port of the server
– Hold the joystick to the RIGHT while switching on the ZX Spectrum. The interface’s three leftmost LEDs won’t light up.
– Release the joystick
– Start the ’server applet‘ on the server machine. The rightmost (U) LED will light up and the (C) LED will blink shortly for each 1 KB block transferred. The process takes less than one second.
– Switch off the ZX Spectrum.

Please note that I used the term: ‚SWITCH‘ and not: ‚plug‘, when referring to powering the ZX Spectrum.

Wer also etwas spielen will mit dem Interface 1bis sollte das Firmware-Update durchführen auch wenn es sich etwas abenteuerlich anhört 😉